We offer multiple Segments for advertising on Smart mag world. Your Business needs the right Audience

We are highly focused on 4 segments , including Under 30s, High-Net-Worth Investors, Business Owners, Business Services.

We are the Perfect Partner for your Advertising

Every month, we reach people across all platforms – online, on social media, through Live and virtual events, through video, and print. See how we customize our content to deliver your message in the easiest way for your potential customers or clients


How do I get started?
To build your campaign, Decide if you want to run your Ads on the website or you want to be featured (A whole article about you and your business)

To have an article about you contact us on we will contact you with in 1 business day.

To run Adverts on our website Sign in and select what size creative you have, upload the graphic files, confirm your order and pay for your campaign.

You can easily return to your account to increase your advertising and track your progress using the Reporting Tools.

What if I don’t have an ad ?
There are sites on the Internet that can help you create ads. sites like Zolgoo Coupons offer deals on Ads creation .

I don’t know much about advertising. What does all this terminology (CPM, Clicks, etc.) mean?
You can learn more about it from here Review the glossary 

When I get ready to create my campaign, I am directed to another site?
Smart Light People mag World is powered by SLP

How much does self-serve advertising cost?
This depends on your budget and your targeting selection. The minimum budgets for a Campaign starts at $300. If you have any further questions contact us at  and we will get back to you within one business day.

If you have any questions regarding customizing your campaign contact us.

As a trusted advisor, we’re helping the world’s largest enterprise connect with customers successfully establish a pathway by enabling leaders to build trust, cultivate talent, and drive commitment around their data during this unprecedented time. Want to learn more.