10 Best Marketing examples to reach more Students


As a bussiness person you have to be very tactic, when it comes to finding new customers and retaining the ones you already have. This way you will be at a great position to push sales and stabilizing your bussiness.  

1. Google My Business offer posts

Google business listing allows you to run promotions by creating four types of social posts: Offers, Updates, Events, and Products.

This enable you to reach massive clients including students that cloaks the site every single day.

2. Zolgoo

Zolgoo is a famous sites for voucher advertisement online. For this reason a huge number of students visit these site for discounts. It is the number one voucher website in the UK that deals with vouchers and coupons.

As an entrepreneur this is the Best place to put student deals online. Setting a business deal on Zolgoo is free of charge, they only take 5% for every sale you make and charge £5 for putting business vouchers.

3. Free samples

Free sample offering especially for your student customers is one of the great sales promotion. This will help in introducing them to new product and off Couse they will definitely be encouraged to buy them the next time.

4. Smart Mag World

Smart Mag World is a UK MAGAZINE that features variety of business offers and stories from how to run a business to People and their experiences.

Smart mag world has drawn the attention of many people on the site for a period of time now, most of the audience on smart mag world are youngsters and for that reason, as a bussiness person, you should consider getting an advertisement space on smart mag world for your student customers. They charge a minimum fee ofup to 3£.

5. Buy one, get one free promotions

This is among the most common type of promotion but its efficient for sales promotion, it can also assist in stock clearance.

And Students will always appreciate it when they buy more for less.

6. Cashback promotions

With cashback you earn by spending .This is almost similar to paying less. This type of advertisement will always lead to more loyalty from the customers.

7. Flash sales and discounts

Flash sale is tailored to create an urgency among your customers depending on what they want to purchase at the moment. Flash sales may be one of the more effective sales promotion strategies for you.

8. Free shipping and returns

In most cases shipping cost hinder people from completing their orders. Therefore free shipping eliminates any worries that a customer might be having for paying an extra amount of cash for product shipping.

And with this they will buy more and more repeatedly.

9. Joint promotions

It is advisable to partner with different companies or businesses that merge yours for a joint promotion. This will help in popularization of your brand among new customers.

10. Referral discounts

Referral discounts is the best way to promote your bussiness. Especially when dealing with student customers. They will keep on Bringing new customers to try out on your product because they are aware of earning something from the refferals.

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