How to make money on | How I made $900 on GlowAdult


I’ll start by introducing myself I’m Jenny and I am going to write about how I made money on GlowAdult. In this post, I’ll be covering how to make money on GlowAdult.

 First I’ll start by saying

GlowAdult says it’s for Influencers, well I’m not.

But it didn’t stop me from joining the platform and I can officially say that after 2 months on being on the platform I make $900 a month this money comes from subscribers and My live Shows, which I do once a week.

Here is my story;

I would guess that most people reading this who are thinking about setting up a Glow Adult account are all going to share the same biggest barrier in doing so yourself!

The first obstacle with setting up a Glow Adult page will be getting over those negative feelings you are likely to incur. The first will be the embarrassment that it might not work especially as the page is so public.

Then there will be that uncomfortable feeling that many of us have when it comes to asking for money. This was something I had to get used to quickly as I began to create a career for myself. It is ok to ask for money to pay for the time you put into things. Don’t be ashamed of that!

Confidence in your product/service and confidence plugging your GlowAdult page will be key to you making money so make sure you don’t skip this part!

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How to get Glow Adult Supporters

Great you’ve got a page set up and are ready to go. Now it’s time to start growing your numbers. You will start to build those sign-ups.

I hope my insights on how to make money with and sharing my own journey has been useful. GlowAdult for the most part, is a slow and steady progress. But if you tap into its potential the outcome really is incredible. It has allowed me to keep doing what I love and to help others without needing to rely on branding and advertisements.

Glow Adult has resources and also sometimes do meet-ups, events and online webinars to update creators and provide tips and also most supporters sign up from a social media page so having a bigger following will lead to more supporters.

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Making Money on GlowAdult

On paper, you would think that Glow Adult shouldn’t work. It just doesn’t make sense that people would choose to pay someone each month especially when it’s supporting content that, in most cases, is available for free anyway.

Initially, I was reluctant to set up a page as I didn’t fit the usual Glow Adult creator profile. I founded a women’s adventure community where I organize a lot of community initiates from free meetups, a monitoring program and online support for women.

As the community grew so did my expenses to keep it running. While I started to earn an income by other means (mostly running paid-for events) I was spending more time on the community projects which didn’t bring in any money but provided great opportunities for women and were at the core of why I started Love Her Wild in the first place.

GlowAdult seemed like a great solution. It would bring in money that would allow me to keep providing those free opportunities, without needing to put up a paywall. I was sure it wouldn’t work but as it’s free to set up an account I had nothing to lose so went for it.

I started getting subscribers in my page with the events I hosted and until now I earn up to $900 per month.

Glow Adult is a great platform and I would advise anyone to create a page and start earning!

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