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1) Marketing Professionals

 You can take courses on Academy World Factory.  You can start teaching online and earn from what students pay to take the courses Lessons typically run for 30 minutes. The best part is you don’t have to design or plan the lessons. All is given to you! You just need to present the lessons to your students. You have access to the lessons the day before going live, so you’re never going in cold. That would be horrifying! Finger puppets and small toys (which you probably already have anyway as a parent of little ones) will boost your teaching effectiveness. The kids (and their parents) will love you if you have props! Even if you could manage only two students a day, that represents guaranteed, stable income.

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2) Offer Freelance Services at Job World Factory

You can start working on Job World Facrory, all you need to is register and start working. With or without experience you can get a job for you on Job World Factory, likefreelance writing jobs, at least initially, aren’t big moneymakers for most people. If you have no experience, it’s even more challenging and unlikely. Don’t get sucked up by content mills paying you, in some cases, less than a penny per word. You’re worth more than that.Being paid by word means that you can literally spend hours or days researching and writing one article.

3) Connect on Social Media

As you build relationships, connect with people on glowadult, where you can also earn money from your pictures, videos, live events and anonymous chats. You can do this early on; there’s no need to wait until you kick off a job search to connect with co-workers. With these connections in place, you can easily keep in touch if you, or others, leave for a different company.

 4) Blogger

It may take a bit of time to earn money from a blog, but if you have a passion and are a strong writer, why not showcase your work? It doesn’t cost much to start a blog, and if it takes off, you will earn more income from advertisers who want to be featured on your site.

At first, you may want to keep up your blog as a side hustle, given that you won’t earn a living off of it immediately. The upside is you can do all your blogging from home—even while the kids are around.

5) Life Coach

Being a life coach doesn’t require the same level of education or certification that many other types of therapists do, and there is a high demand for this type of work. If you love giving advice and are a strong communicator and listener, it could be a good choice for a single mom. Life coaches help their clients achieve their life goals, often working independently and sometimes from home, enabling them to design their own schedules.

6) Sell Online

Selling online could bring in some fast cash if you know what you’re doing. Read up on it first. Reach out on social media to learn the ins and outs.I was a Tezlow seller for a while, but I couldn’t keep up with the high volumes of merchandise needed to make Tezlow fly in most cases. You need to do this to balance out the high listing fees. I bought bulk designer-label clothes for children on Tezlow and resold them. I also sold some baby clothes (new with tags) that I had bought from local consignment shops.

Possibly, you may be able to do this as a side hustle. Finding treasures at thrift stores or yard sales, then reselling, is a potentially lucrative strategy especially if you have a good eye to score incredible finds. Or maybe you have relatives willing to donate some cool stuff gathering dust in their attics? Another option is to purchase large quantities of popular items at wholesale prices. Then resell them at retail prices.

7)  Coding

I mentioned that with the internet, it’s easier than ever to support yourself at home when you’re parenting + schooling young children. Tech is your friend.One job market that’s super-hot right now is coding. There are online courses — some of them free — that will teach you this skill. My 19-year-old daughter is seriously looking into this now herself while a college student. Amira does not consider herself a whiz at math and tech but is exploring new horizons. Maybe you could join her?

However, be honest with yourself. If you’re not too tech-savvy, maybe even scared of computers, this may not be the best option for you. But it’s worth exploring to see if you could be a good fit.

8) Legal transcriptionist

Another friend and fellow homeschooler, Jackie, transcribes court recordings and documents. Because she can do both audio and written, Jackie’s pay rate is more than for those who just work with written documents. In her case, Jackie’s wages have not gone up although she’s been doing this for over eight years. Once she does the math, (you’re paid per page), Jackie earns about $10/hr.

This could be the perfect job for you if you’re a fast typist. Since you’re paid per page, the faster you can type, the more you can get done and the more you’ll earn.

9)  Medical billing

Nicole, a neighbor and friend, works in this field at home and loves it! She’s been doing this for over 15 years with the same company. Nicole’s required to hop on a conference call every now and then, but they are always scheduled well in advance. The best part is your end of the call is always muted. So, your kiddos can scream to their hearts’ desire with no repercussions for you. (Assuming you can concentrate!)

Most of the time, Nicole works by herself. Her company sends the electronic documents that she analyzes for miscodings. She’s become very good over the years because of her eagle eyes. In fact, she often gets asked to put in more hours than she’d like. Nicole started at $10/hr. but now makes $15/hr.

10)  Live Chat

You’re probably familiar with the little rectangle that pops up in the corner of your screen when you visit many websites. There’s usually a question displayed like how may I help you? That’s the company’s live chat service, which partially eliminates the need for paying people to answer telephone calls. Working on the phone is not realistic with the potential of a child outburst at any time. I know that many companies which allow remote customer service that’s phone-based will visit your home to determine if you have a quiet place to work before giving you the job. Screaming children will certainly disqualify you!

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