20 Best Jobs in the UK


During this pandemic the best career that you to venture in is the one that allows you to work from the comfort of your home. This ways you will continue keeping save during lockdown and making some cash as well.

Freelancing jobs gives you all this privileges, In UK you can consider doing this 20 jobs that so far are among the best in the country as we speak.

1) Job World Factory UK

To start working Today on Jobworldfactory.com  you are only required to register at no cost. This is a Freelancing Website that allows you to advertise your projects and services to buyers from all over UK.

You can easily make quick cash within no time selling yours services to clients.

2) Virtual Assistant

Recently very many successful business people have turned their attention to virtual assistants. This is because it saves their time and cost as well, for this reason virtual assisting is one of the most marketable jobs online today.

3) Teaching and Tutoring

This is one of the simplest jobs that anyone can do. Many of the platforms offer this services will allow you to tutor online over zoom, Skype or Google Hangout. At some point you can create teaching materials and sell to your audience.

This will make you some extra cash, apart from what they will be paying to teach. If you have passion in teaching you can consider signing up for a teaching gig. Some of the best platforms to use includes cousera, Academy world factory and udemy.

4) Freelance Writing and Copywriting

With this kind of job you have to write for various clients. This could be anything from ghost writing to article writing for a blog or website.

You only require to have writing skills and the ability must to finish an articles or essays very fast.

5) Creative Design

This one of the most challenging type of jobs but it pays very well if you have what it takes. It mostly requires PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop skills.

6. Graphic Designing

For Graphic designing, you got to create graphics for printed and electronic media. You must have a professional course with some experience before you this particular graphic designer.

7. Branding and Public Relations

Branding and PR jobs is one of the most demanding jobs. These services can be given working as a freelancer from your home. The campaign that you are going to run will be on Internet.

Skills You Need: You need to Branding and market a product. Then Public Relations are an area in itself. So you need some experience.

8. Admin Support or Assistance

This could come in various forms like being virtual assistant or managing a certain kind of project. You need admin support jobs skills because you will be required to keep track of various things through calendar like appointments and meetings

9. 3D Modelling and CAD

Job Description: 3D modelling and CAD is an advanced subject however the demand is great if you want to work as a 3D Modelling and CAD designer.

Skills You Need: Here you need a formal degree. Although in a freelancing job no one asks for a degree but for being able to do the job you need to have basic education as well as experience.

10. Translation

Job Description: Translation jobs are also in great demand if you are a freelancer. You need to translate something from one language to another. There is legal translation and medical translation also.

Skills You Need: You need to have knowledge of various world languages especially French, German, English etc. Future of translation is really great.

11) Web Research

You require to have knowledge on surfing internet and various websites. Also, you must be willing to spend time on Internet for long hours. Doing Web research for different types of tasks like surveys, filling form and taking poll.

12) Legal Services

Here you must have legal background. This kind of jobs best suits law graduates or students of law. Clients seek various services like corporate cases, criminal, property, family, paralegal etc.

13) Transcription

There many type ofTranscription jobs, it could be either general, legal to medical. However Medical transcription jobs are most popular.

This job will best suit you if you have great listening and typing skills because it require you to listen and translate.

14) Article and Blog Writing

 Apart from writing and copywriting articles, blog writing is another form of writing in that is different. Here you write blogs and articles for bloggers.

To venture in to this you need to have great writing skills.

15) Photography

Photography requires passion only and but a little bit of experience will make you more competent. You can easily sell your photo work on freelancing sites such as fiverr, job worldfactory.com or freelancers.com among other sites.

16) Customer Service

Customer Service jobs are not so popular though there are different type of it and some are more popular than others. You only are required to possess great communication skill and a wide range of knowledge on skills that you are offering.

17) Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager

Social media coordinator or community manager jobs are not for everyone because you need to have experience. You have to manage and update all social media platform. You need to learn more about LinkedIn and how you engage with others.

18)  Audio and Video Production

Here you have to know about editing, recording and producing audios and videos. You must have some work experience so you can do the job as a freelancer.

19) Human Resource Management

HR manager or human resource managers are required by the clients. You can do this job online as well offline from your home. This job is becoming more popular in UK. For you to get started you need to have great resume and work experience.

20. Architecture Services

Finally, you can get a job for various architecture services. The most popular one is interior designing. You can deal with clients from your home. And earn handsomely. You must have specialized in this field to perform the duties.


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