Top 14 sites to Find Your Dream Online English Tutor Today


Tutors are a fantastic resource for learning English. They are not just for people who are having problems learning English anyone can benefit from having a tutor.

Tutors are the most effective if they’re supplementary to other learning methods. This means tutors are used in addition to other ways of learning.

Whether you’re studying English in a class, with a group of people or on your own, a tutor can help you learn better and faster.

In other words, if you’re studying English, a tutor can probably help you.

Finding a tutor has never been easier, thanks to the many websites that have lists of available tutors. Your dream English tutor is out there, thanks to the internet you no longer need to find a tutor who lives close so you can meet in person.

Consider getting a tutor if you;

  • Need help with assignments,
  • Are having trouble learning English,
  • Have grammar questions,
  • Would like help improving your pronunciation,
  • Want to learn at a faster or more challenging pace,
  • Want to get experience speaking to a native English speaker

Great Websites for Finding an English Tutor Online

1. Academy World Factory Online English Tutor

Enroll in live classes or enroll in pre-recorded video classes. Finding a tutor in Academy World Factory is simple, register on the platform at, select an English course out of over 500 courses, or search for “English course” in the search bar and you’ll find a list of rated courses depending on what you want to learn.

2. Preply

Tutors are available to help you in whatever way you need. Classes take place over Skype, and a clear rating system with reviews makes it easy to see what people liked and disliked about any tutor. Students can also leave a request and the tutors will contact you instead

3. English Tutor Online

This website offers tutoring sessions that feel more like personal lessons. You choose a course, like email writing or travel English, and the tutors will work with you through the lessons. It’s like a classroom where the teacher is only teaching you.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is a website for finding pretty much anything. You can advertise here that you’re looking for a tutor, or browse through their listings for tutors looking for students. Use this website carefully, though—not everybody can be trusted, and some people are scammers (people who will take your money and not actually give you the services you paid for)

5. Upwork

Upwork is a website for freelancers individuals who work per project instead of with just one company. It’s easier to find a trustworthy tutor here than on Craigslist, since there are reviews and ratings of each freelancer, but the prices may also be higher.

6. iTalki

This website connects language learners to native speakers all over the world. Lessons are available from professional teachers, or passionate tutors who can help with conversation practice.

7.  University Tutor

If you prefer to meet with your tutor in person, University Tutor can help you find that local tutor. Their tutors are located in over 8,400 cities all over the world. Tutors can meet online or in person, even in a coffee shop if that’s what you want—anywhere that’s convenient for you.

9. Noodle

Noodle is not just a website for tutors it’s a tutor search engine. Here, you can search for tutors from a few other tutor websites. You can search by location, knowledge of other languages (like your native language) and even by specific education company or organization.

10. WyzAnt

If you’re an English learner living in the United States, you can use WyzAnt to find a local tutor. This website is a good choice if you need help studying for a test, since many of these tutors are professional teachers with certifications and many years of experience. You can even find a tutor who specializes in English grammar or English writing skills.

11. Verbling

Verbling matches tutors to language learners of all kinds. The tutors here are all native speakers, and many of them have years of experience teaching in classroom and private settings. You can search for a teacher by when they’re available, and even find an English tutor who also speaks your native language.

12. Tutor

When you just have a question about a writing assignment, or need help checking over your writing, Tutor is a good website to turn to. Tutors are available all day, every day, to give guidance, tips and feedback on anything written. Come here for help with essays, homework and even understanding books.

13. Chegg Tutors

Chegg is not a place where you would find a long-term tutor. Instead, it’s where you would go if you have specific questions. You request help and the website matches you with a tutor, who helps you with your question. This is a great website if you have a question that you need answered really quickly.

14. TakeLessons

The TakeLessons community has been connecting students with experienced teachers since 2006. They offer everything from live music and language lessons to sports coaching and academic tutoring in a variety of subjects. The English tutors on this website are high quality and experienced, and you can find both local and online tutors. While you’re here, maybe you can also learn to play the guitar like you’ve always wanted to, too! Use the code get lessons and you’ll get a discount off your first package of lessons.

15. Facebook

There are many professional tutors who have their own personal websites. These tutors are often also on Facebook. To find individual tutors, you can try searching for “English tutor” on Facebook and looking at the “person” and “page” results. This is a good place to start, but it’s not perfect, since you’ll need to check if the tutor is still active on Facebook and his or her website.

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