Top Hair styles in 2021


Find out the biggest hair trends for the year ahead. Here is exactly what 2021 store for hair has for us
1. The return of layers

Blunt edges may be on the way out, as Balcke explains that “cut trends have been toward one length cuts and heavy bobs but it’s time for shape and movement [again].” We’re heading towards “going back to having layers through the hair, [but] layers [that] are subtle and give the hair a more lived-in look.

2. Bigger and better accessories

Thought hair accessories were on their way out? Not likely. “I think there is always a time and place for accessories and the reason we are sending more accessories recently is because the options are getting better and better,” says Balcke.  for deals vouchers 90%

3. Holiday hair

Balayage and bronde have reigned supreme for years, but when it comes to caramel colour in 2021, celebrity hairstylist Travis Balcke says it’s all about achieving ‘holiday hair’. “Overall colour trends have become more refined and polished [and] more about the craft and placement of colour,” rather than one solid shade only. “Highlighting techniques are emulating the natural lightness in the hair, especially to create the holiday hair that we would normally have from travelling the world.”

4. Shags, shags, shags

You heard it here first, the shag is here to stay. “They are still hanging about”, says KMS Guest Artist, Emily Olsson from shibui Melbourne. “But I think for the reason that they are so versatile, you can soften them out or go almost mullet-like depending on your desired look.” Case and point? Rihanna just got a mullet.

5. Beach-textured blonde

Do beach waves ever go out of style? We think not, and according to Goldwell Color Specialist, Laura Brand from shibui Melbourne, we’ll be amping it up even more in 2021. “[Post-lockdown] Aussies are going to be embracing that outdoor, surf lifestyle we’re famous for and so we are going to be seeing SO much worn in texture in colour and bright effortless blondes.”

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6. Low-maintenance looks

Balcke predicts the movement towards low-maintenance looks will continue, with shorter cuts and natural colours at the forefront. “Hairdressers have done well to keep salons safe during the pandemic but while consumers may not be making as many trips into the salon, [the popularity of these] looks will continue.”

7. Close-cut pixie crops

Bored of bobs? Why not go even shorter… “What I’m seeing a lot is people aren’t afraid to go very short,” says Olsson. “Rather than going for the soft pixie, they are tapering their pixies close to the scalp and having more of a ‘don’t care what society expects’ attitude, which is so great to see.” 

8. Natural textures

The natural hair movement is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, whether your natural texture is curly, coarse, frizzy or fine, Balcke says “people are blooming into who they truly are, [and] so for some that might mean they are going with the natural texture and shape of their hair. I see people who have curls more likely to accentuate that, rather than flatten it out.

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9. Individuality

When it comes to playing it safe or being adventurous, Balcke says 2021 will be a mixture of both, defined completely by the individual. “I feel like people are feeling more empowered to embrace their individuality and less likely to look to others for inspiration,” he says. Similar to hair texture, people will be looking to highlight ‘their natural colour’ as well as “embracing bold colours as part of this process.”

10. The gloss treatment

Glass hair has remained an A-list favorite, but Balcke says you don’t have to be in Hollywood to receive such high shine results. Glossing services are something that people have always had available to them but very rarely take any opportunity to have, so for me, a gloss over the top of your colour and toner is the new treatment for 2021.

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