20 Best Holiday Destinations for New Year.


Below are the most exclusive holidays destination around the world, you can consider it for Christmas or New Year holiday.

1) Sydney, Australia

The celebrations in Sydney are a bouquet of thrillful engagements. Aerial flyovers displaying messages, a brilliant display of fireworks, light shows, and several events at Taronga Zoo catering to the kids make it the best place to celebrate New Year 2021 in the world.

3. New York, United States

The first place that comes to mind while thinking about New Year destinations outside India is probably New York. Pyrotechnic light shows, celebrity music acts, tons of confetti dropped over you all of this while you may try to spot yourself on a TV screen. Actually, it doesn’t get better than this. New York is hands down one of the best places in the world to celebrate New Year’s.

4. Berlin, Germany

With this magnitude of participation, Berlin’s streets are the most crowded ones on December 31st, making your New Year 2021 celebration even grander. Obviously, there are fireworks, music, dance, noise, food, magic shows, booze, beer, and what not to make it one of the best places to celebrate New Year 2021.

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5. Paris, France

With magical fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower, street dance, and a rioting spillage of drinks, the lanes and streets near the iconic monument come to life with revelers swarming in, making Eiffel Tower the best place to celebrate New Year in world. Do not miss the spectacular light show displayed on New Year’s. Champs Elysees is one of the best places to enjoy parties till dawn.

5. Hawaii, United States of America

The entire set of islands dons a festive look and an amazing celebration. Outdoor music concerts, theme nights, boat cruises, and of course the fireworks – Hawaii does it all in its own style. Hawaii is where you should go if you are looking for happening and best places to celebrate New Year in world. 

6. Miami, United States
Miami, actually, hosts one of the most diverse events during New Year celebrations. From old-fashioned dance-a-thons to music, fireworks, food and family fun – this one is a close competitor to the New York’s New Year celebrations and if you were wondering where to celebrate New Year 2021.

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7. Bahamas, Commonwealth of the Bahamas

One of the most serene beaches and the best place to celebrate New Year in world turn extreme wild on the night of December 31st. The ferocious parties in the Bahamas are full of all extreme party ideas. Parades, masquerades, informal beach gatherings appreciating the fireworks, street performances, lights artists, carnival walks, band walks — this party in the Caribbean is a wild amalgamation of cultural folk and traditional celebrations.

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8. Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach

After its Carnival festivities, the New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio is what will blow your mind. One of the best places to celebrate the New Year in the world, Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach hosts the world’s largest and wildest New Year party which receives more than two million people on that two-and-a-half-mile stretch of sand. The celebration is usually marked by a tradition of wearing white and tossing flowers into the sea. Head to this place to enjoy the best New Year Eve parties in the world 2021.

9. Hong Kong, China

Watch the world’s most dramatic skyline light up this New Year’s Eve with a stunning display of fireworks that concludes with a dazzling finale: a gigantic pyrotechnic dragon that whirls across the sky! The New Year 2021 celebration will kick off in Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping mall, where they host a replica ball drop in homage to New York City’s famous festivities.

10. Bangkok, Thailand

The centerpiece of the evening is a massive gathering in Central World Square where people come in hundreds of thousands. At the stroke of midnight, a series of fireworks illuminate the riverside, following which, the party continues at the many nightclubs and bars lining the streets of this naughty city.

11. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is a city which never sleeps but parties all night long, which makes it one of the best New Year destinations for party lovers and night crawlers. Enjoy the New Year by being a part of the Spanish and Latin American New Year traditions of eating ‘twelve grapes’ as the clock strikes 12 at night, announcing the arrival of New Year.

12. Dubai, UAEI

What’s in here: For one of the best New Year parties in the world, head to Burj Khalifa to enjoy spectacular fireworks, Light & Sound Fountain Show, Dinner by the waterfront. Countdown to the New Year and fireworks. Make sure you get a good seat by reaching early. The traffic slows down as the evening approaches.

13. St. Petersburg

What’s in here: If you want to enjoy the fireworks on New Year’s, gather at the bridge over New River. Every year, fireworks are lit outside Peter and Paul Fortress by the banks of River and the scene looks spectacular with everyone gathered around.

Mustn’t miss: You could also go to the Palace Square to watch the festivities. Thousands of people gather here to enjoy New Year’s night.

14. Vienna, Austria

What’s in here: If you are wondering where to go for New Year’s Eve, head to Vienna. Enjoy mulled wine and toffee apple that will set your spirits for the celebrations. Enjoy sophisticated galas and parties that Vienna is famous for.

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