23-year-old Rachael Fetter who can’t take a shower because she’s allergic to water


Many people have different types of allergies. We can develop allergies to many different things from powder to food. Allergy disorders can cause situations that threaten the health of the person if they are not paid attention. Some types of allergies decrease the quality of life of the person. We have shared with you the child who is allergic to winter before. This time, we will share a woman who is allergic to water. Rachel Fetter, 23, lives in Idaho, has an allergic reaction to water and irritates her skin. Let’s look at the details together.

We all come in contact with water every day. However, 23-year-old Rachael Fetter suffers from a condition known as Aquagenic urticaria.

Water is the source of life and most of the human body consists of water. So how does someone who is allergic to water survives?

The skin of people with aquagenic urticaria causes an allergic reaction when in contact with water. 23-year-old Rachael also feels a burning throat when she drinks water, and when she takes a shower, her body has extremely painful rashes.

Rachel was observed in the case of contact with water, and this diagnosis was made in July of last year. When Rachael sweats a lot or drinks more than half a glass of water at a time, lesions develop on her body

If he drinks more water than that, then he feels extremely sick.

Aquagenic urticaria is a disease seen in every 230 million. It is estimated that it affects only 50 people in the world. Rachael can only shower twice a week due to her allergies

Realizing that she first reacted to water when she was 18, Rachael Fetter explains her experiences as follows;

“After taking a shower, there were rashes on my body. I thought it was due to the soap I used, so I tried a different brand. But then I started to experience the same thing every time I took a shower. Over time, the rashes on my body began to hurt more. At the beginning of 2019, I started going to the doctor. I went to different branches like dermatologist, internal diseases and allergy. Doctors initially did not understand that this is aquagenic urticaria and so they tried to treat symptoms. Then, a sample was taken from my skin and it became clear that it had aquagenic urticaria. ”

The longer the Rachael touches the water, the worse the burns that occur. The rash goes away after only a few hours, but the burning sensation can last for days

Her discomfort also affects the life of Rachael, a veterinarian. Rachael, who has always been in contact with animals because of her job, has to wash her hands frequently.

Rachael Fetter takes painkillers to ease her pain before starting work. In addition, he plans his showers in advance.

To remind people who suffer from the same disease are not alone, Rachael says:

“Aquagenic urticaria affected my life. I can’t go swimming or get wet in the rain. I want people to know that water allergy is a real thing. This affects my life. I hope one day a cure will be developed. Until then, I will continue taking medication and stay as dry as possible. ”

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