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Since the early ages, every society has its own music. But today, music is universal. It is enough to hear and feel it, to understand it. Music becomes the medicine of everything, especially when we experience our emotions intensely. It allows us to feel ourselves in different places while filling our souls. The pleasure of listening to a music live and watching the performance of its creator is very different. In the history, many artists experienced this pleasure in the concerts they gave to thousands of people. We may have missed many famous concert performances in history, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see those moments. Come, let us be immersed in the magic of music and live performances in these days when we have a hard time, let’s go away from the facts for a few minutes …

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1. Queen – Live Aid, 1985

The famous band Queen, who attended the Live Aid concert including U2 and David Bowie, lost a lot of blood at that time and left her glorious days behind. But they managed to prove to the whole audience that everything has changed in the first 20 minutes of their performance. Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the Queen who was reborn from the ashes, performed quite impressively on the stage.

2. Radiohead – Glastonbury, 1997

The weather was pretty bad, everything had gone wrong for 2 days. The 2 stages of the festival were almost submerged in mud. Everything was getting worse and things got worse when Radiohead came on the scene. The lights hit straight into Tom Yorke’s face, the monitor was not working, and the group couldn’t hear what they stole. But chaos seemed to herald an epic performance. Despite all the difficulties, the group performed an unforgettable performance of thousands of people there. At a moment when Yorke frothed and was about to give up, his girlfriend stopped him and asked him to listen to the audience. At that moment, they realized that the audience accompanied them with great enthusiasm.

3. James Brown – Boston Garden, 1968

Martin Luther King Jr. This concert, which took place 1 day after the assassination, was actually to be canceled. However, when the city realized that there would be a bigger uprising with the cancellation of this concert, it was decided to hold the concert. The concert was devoted to King, and many events that led to confusion arose during the concert. Brown did his best to avoid a major disaster by getting in between the police and the audience. He got out of the scene as a musician like a political person.

4. The Three Tenors – Baths of Caracalla in Rome, 1990

The popular opera group The Three Tenors, consisting of Spanish Plácido Domingo and José Carreras and Italian Luciano Pavarotti, was a surprising amalgamation for everyone. Three great artists came together with fiery fans in the World Cup and these impressive images came out.

5. Daft Punk – Coachella, 2006

EDM, electronic dance music, started to gain momentum at the end of 90’s. However, the impact of live performances was much greater. Taking lighting and stage performance to another level, Daft Punk has become one of the first examples of its genres.

6. The Beatles – Shea Stadium, 1965

The Beatles came to the stage at Shea Stadium with a record number of 55,600 tickets, with an armored vehicle. During the concert, 2000 police officers served. It was so crowded that the noise of the crowd almost suppressed the music. Also, this concert went down in history as the first open air stadium concert.

7. Led Zeppelin – Knebworth Festival, 1979

Led Zepplin, one of the best rock bands of all time, this concert that took place just 1 year before John Bonham’s death and the disintegration of the band proved how perfect they are still.

8. Beyoncé – Glastonbury, 2011

Beyonce was the first woman on the headline in the festival for more than a quarter century with her 2011 Glastonbury concert. This performance, which he performed as if he was singing each song for the last time, went down in history. It went on stage with 175 thousand people.


9. Nirvana – MTV Unplugged, 1993

Nirvana, who participated in MTV Unplugged, where acoustic performances were exhibited, was one of the most famous live performances to be written in gold letters.

10. Johnny Cash – San Quentin Prison, 1969

Imagine Johnny Cash playing the song he wrote for San Quentin Prison in San Quentin Prison. This is exactly what happened when the dates showed 1969, and Cash’s voice almost broke the walls.

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