Jason went from Zero to £7,000+ using YouTube, Zolgoo & Tezlow making real Profit.


In order to give you more context around how Jason ended up making £7,000+ in profit (shown below):

What was Jason selling? Ebooks

How much did he charge for the product or service?

AVERAGE £7-£25

How much he made (in profit) and in what time frame? £7411 within 35 days

If he used paid advertisements or not ? Classified Lane, Freeads.co.uk, Youtube video sharing site , Tezlow Social media Network, Zolgoo customer reviews Website.

A few above on methods used and read below on how you might make each method work for your business

How it all began….

Jason lost his job and decided to start an online store selling ebooks he wasn’t too sure about the type of online store but he needed money. So he started researching online and decided to open an ebook online shop. He saw a few websites for sale on the Job World Factory and after speaking to the some sellers on the platform decided on one that seemed very promising he built the website over 5 days.

According to Jason ” The website was nice and functional. So I was really excited”

What followed next where a Strange set of events. He Googled free Advertising websites online and a few Social media Sites and Classified Ads websites appeared.

Facebook Advertising

The usual Gumtree, Locanto, Gezow, Classified Lane, Freeads ETC He placed ads on these websites. He then Googled Marketing Companies and after speaking to a few realised that he definitely couldn’t afford them, So he proceeded to DIY but the problem was he really didn’t know where to start. After a bit of research he decided to find Social media Platforms to Advertise on himself YouTube, Facebook, Tezlow, Instagram and Pinterest. He created profiles for his business and proceeded to start advertising, well let’s just say that he was blocked within 3 hours of advertising on Facebook he couldn’t understand why so he tried to find a Facebook Marketer but after receiving a quote from the marketer he realised he could not afford it. So he decided to focus on the other Social media Platform he placed his Advert on YouTube successful and was extremely pleased. Within 2 days he got his first enquiry the potential Customer asked him for his past customer feedback and he explained that there weren’t any at the moment but very soon the customer didn’t contact him again.

Google Search

After Searching on Google for a whole day reading different articles. He understood that using a third party review website would be the best way to create trust with potential customers because they know its Genuine.

He found an Article he was drawn too,

Jason said… it’s the price that he was drawn to. He wanted customers to leave reviews and he wanted to be able to respond to the reviews, he didn’t realise how important this would be.

He found a few Trustpilot, Reviews.io, TurnTo, and Zolgoo.

According to Jason He stated :

“To be honest my decision was based on price the Cheapest that I could afford and had what I was looking for. I researched all a decided to go with Zolgoo, they had good things about them by I was a bit sceptical because they were new but after more research I decided they were my best bet. Little did I know that I was making a choice that would totally transform my life, because my business was new and I really didn’t know much.

So Jason Signed up for an account which was fairly simple and paid for 1 months because it was cheaper for him to pay £6 monthly. He set up his profile and read a few things on their website.

In his own words : ” Something caught my eye in their Tips Success, one of the tips was to ask Family and friends to buy my service and do a real review, and to make sure I respond to each review on the platform, so I did…….. I ask a few family and friends to order his ebooks and place a review on my profile. I explained to my family and Friends the any reviews they post on my profile in Zolgoo appears on my website because I had placed an embedded code from Zolgoo on my website.

So they ordered my service and placed their reviews. The reviews were very positive except for one which had 3 stars so I responded to the reviews and explained to that one in a reply that I would improve on that part. So I spent the night writing out more instructions on the delivery page. “

Jason says that he didn’t realise that that conversation would bring in his first customer. The next day he received his first order and the events that followed after where orders after orders. The little money he received After 3 days he decided to pay for another social media website He heard about pay per Click on Tezlow charged less so he choose Tezlow, he was already advertising on YouTube so he decided to add any afford option to he created a profile on Tezlow and Started running his Ads from his profile it was pretty Easy for him to do. He paid for £45 worth of Ads. Within 5 days he noticed his orders were getting more and more , so he did the same thing again reinvest in his ads on YouTube and placed another ad on Tezlow. The end of the month he couldn’t believe he had made £7,411.

In his own words :”My life had changed I had never had so much money before, The next month I did the same thing but made £4,000 and the following month £5,401. I realised that it fluctuates so I sent a target of more than £5,000 every month. I worked a bit more on my reviews and responding and talking to customers through my profile on Zolgoo. I keep running Ads on YouTube and Invested in my Profile on Tezlow I paid a Social Media expert from Upwork to post for me on my profile because I had never used social media platforms before. He did a great job. Now I am focused on keeping my business running and I never want to go back to being unemployed so I continue to improve”.

This is Jason’s Story and for him it was life changing, the methods he implemented might be worth trying.

According to Jason ……

“I think it was the element of trust, I didn’t know that at the time but now I understand why some people don’t make an money while others do. I consider myself lucky but I don’t know if it will work for someone else but It worked for me and now I am making more money than I could have ever thought. I let my family and friends be honest which I understand can be hard for some people but I wanted my Online store to be successful so I was willing to take everything feedback on board.”

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